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Star of Magnolia Productions stands as a distinguished Film Production Company with its origins rooted in Seattle, Washington. The genesis of this venture traces back to 2008, a pivotal moment when Madelyn and Carolyn became neighbors and inseparable collaborators.

The duo's journey commenced with the creation of small, whimsical films in their backyard, an endeavor that unexpectedly burgeoned into something extraordinary. As their passion deepened, Carolyn and Madelyn expanded their scope, involving classmates and friends in the production of short films. Upon entering high school, they seamlessly transitioned to crafting feature films annually during the summer, collaborating with fellow students.

Even when separated by college commitments in 2018, Carolyn and Madelyn remained dedicated to their craft. In every available moment, they conceived and brought to life "December" and "Four." Fast forward to 2024, and the fruition of their dedication is evident in the establishment of their film company, "Star of Magnolia."

Currently, the spotlight is on their upcoming fantasy film, "King Tara," scheduled to premiere in May 2024 at the Historic Park Theater in Colorado. Simultaneously, the dynamic duo is in the pre-production phase of their next feature film, "Lottie's Girl" and "King Tara 2".


As they embark on these ventures, Carolyn and Madelyn's skills and passion for filmmaking promise a compelling future for Star of Magnolia, marking only the initial chapter in their promising trajectory.


2018 film festival in Ellensburg
first film festival in 2018
2019 set
filming "Social Incompetent" in 2019
Carolyn laughing
Carolyn on the set of "King Tara" 2023
Mady holding boom
Madelyn on the set of "King Tara" 2023
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