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Lottie's Girl (2024)

After losing her mother, Brynn reluctantly heads back to her hometown when her sweet friend Mel stumbles upon a journal revealing her mother's youthful stories and a lost love. To Brynn's surprise, the lost love may be her charming father, none other than Roy, their next-door neighbor. Returning home becomes a journey of unraveling roots, reigniting sparks with the charming Sawyer, her longtime crush, processing grief, and realizing the family she longed for might have been there all along.

Coming Summer 2025

Four Poster

Four (2020)

Four months 'til graduation and Lainey still has so much to figure out. Learning to balance between friendships and a new relationship, all while trying to graduate. 

King Tara Poster

King Tara (2023) Our third feature film, but this one launches our production company! 

When betrayal rests beneath the surface of the King's Court, the young princess Tara, must join The Valor in order to take back her Kingdom. Coming to Amazon Prime this Summer!

December Poster

December (2021)

Sequel to Four, continues the story of Brandy and Lainy after graduating high school, thinking they have everything figured out until one decision changes it all.

Socially Incompetent Poster

Socially Incompetent (2019)

Danny Krenton faces the everyday struggles of teenage life by relating to pop-culture icons and spending most of his time in his own head.

Seraphim Poster

Seraphim (2018) was our first feature film after graduating high school! We worked on this with a group of student volunteers, some we still work with today. 

Orphiel James was just an ordinary teenager trying to get through the trials of high school when he finds out that he’s considered a legendary hero in the mythical land of Seraphim. After this discovery, he has two goals: get back to Seraphim - and win over the girl of his dreams. However, in pursuit of these goals, it is revealed to him that an evil has been lurking in Seraphim - and the only way to stop it is to risk everything.

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